Contract Machining

Chinook Industrial’s fully equipped modern machine shop, enables us to offer a wide spectrum of machining alternatives. Ranging from large scale Horizontal Boring, CNC Machining, Centreless Grinding, to industrial Hard Chrome Plating, Chinook Industrial’s wide range of services allows us the capacity to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Contract Machining & Specialty Repair

The Issues

Some technical problems require the skills of a highly specialized, individually tailored solution. Chinook's specialty repair capability, which is adapted to individual projects, has resulted in some unique solutions.

The Solutions

Our experienced machinists and specialty repair applications, such as our Lock N Stitch process allow for back to specification repairs on cracked or broken castings, such as compressor cylinders, engine manifolds and many other applications where welding is not an option.

Machine Shop Capability

Chinook's machine shop and service centre enable us to meet customers' requirements through immediate production and continual process improvements.
Chinook's fully-equipped machine shop includes capacity for the following:

  • Centreless, cylindrical, eccentric and surface grinding
  • Precision lapping
  • Large-scale horizontal boring
  • 4 Axis CNC machining
  • Automated lathe operations
  • Metal cleaning 
  • Industrial hard chrome plating
  • Stellite hard facing
  • Non-destructive quality assurance testing
  • Lock N Stitch casting repairs

A Specialist's Touch

Chinook's manufacturing and repair specialty involves engine and compressor parts. Compressor valves and component parts are engineered to your production characteristics and made to order. Compressor piston rings, rider bands, engine valves, seats and guides, engine cage assemblies and labyrinth seals are also manufactured. In addition, Chinook's highly specialized manufacturing skills provide results-oriented solutions to your technical challenges for proto-type development and specialty parts manufacture. We are problem-solvers. We listen to you then provide technical and engineering expertise to solve your design and manufacturing challenges.

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