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Moisture Master Filters
Do away with the hassle of Oil baths

The Issues

Older Compressor Packages have dirty, leaking Oil Baths, which require a lot of time when being cleaned out and are susceptible to spillages, contaminating the immediate area.

The Solutions

The Moisture Master Filter removes the need for oil and utilizes a Dry Air Filter which is clean and easy to replace. Used filters can be sent to Chinook for refurbishing and cleansing, while a newly installed spare set carries on filtering your air. The Dry Air Filter housing is a direct fit to your existing flanges.

Fleetlife Moisture Master Dry Air Filter

Fleetlife’s original Moisture Master housings are designed to meet the specific needs of your engine, turbine, or compressor in any environment. Advantages of the Moisture Master dry-type air filter housings include:

  • High Efficiency (particle removal to 2-micron)
  • Low Pressure Drop (promotes lean, clean combustion)
  • Improved emission quality (lower NOX emission)
  • Added Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced detonation
  • Additional Available Horsepower
  • Extended engine Life
  • Easy to maintain and operate

For more information visit: http://fleetlifefilters.com

Kiene Indicator Valves

Kiene’s Large Bore Products Group focuses on the need to measure and monitor cylinder pressures in large-bore engines and compressors. They manufacture a wide range of indicator valves covering most large engines and compressors. In addition, they manufacture the K-Series Cylinder Pressure Indicator—a simple, rugged instrument for measuring peak cylinder pressures.

Chinook Industrial brings the advantages of Kiene’s products directly to you. For all Natural Gas Compressors, Marine Applications, Power Generation equipment and Large Bore Diesel Engines, there’s a Kiene product to serve your purpose.

For more information visit: http://www.kienediesel.com

Aloma Pre-Cut Shims

ALOMA’s 304 SS shims are always marked to the exact thickness within .0005". No micrometer is necessary! Accurate Alignment Starts with Quality Shims!

  • Accurate shim thickness without measuring with a micrometer.
  • ALOMA holds the closest tolerances in the industry for both thickness and flatness.
  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel for added corrosion resistance.
  • ALOMA slot sizes are 1/16" oversize to provide proper bolt clearance.
  • All shims are permanently etched in inches and millimeters.
  • Shims .050" and thicker are permanently etched with the exact thickness to the nearest thousandth.
  • Markings will not rub off.
  • "Trailer Hitch" tab design provides safe handling.
  • Tying packs for re-use is a snap.
Plug Valve Lubricants And Sealants

Climax Stands For Value

Chinook is proud to offer Climax Plug and Gate Valve Lubricants. These products represent 50 years of pre-eminence in the industry, and are specified by many Original Equipment Manufacturers.

A Craftsman's Approach

Climax has built its reputation on that of a craftsman's eye for quality, detail and reliability. Made of the finest materials, Climax lubricants will act as a hydraulic medium (to lift tapered plugs), seal against leakage, and lubricate to ensure that valves operate at their lowest and most efficient torque. In particular, the use of Climax 340 (H2S) Yellow lubricant for H2S service is recommended. These products have a strong record of success.

Climax products are colour-coded for ease in identification and are available in stick sizes from B to K as well as bulk sizes ranging from 5 quart to 400 lb. drum. Both regular and winter grades are available. Climax includes a full line of fittings and adapters as well as a selection of over a dozen lubricant guns to facilitate application.

Hall Toledo Eccentric Valve Seat Grinders

Chinook Industrial is the main supplier for New Grinders or Replacement parts. Chinook also has the capability of repairing your Grinders.

For more information visit: http://hall-toledo.com

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