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Chinook Industrial Ltd.

When Chinook Industrial Ltd.'s family business began more than 45 years ago, our intention was to establish new, distinctive standards for the markets we supply. Our commitment to these standards continues to define us today. Chinook manufactures, sells and services component parts for industrial and marine engines and compressors. Our expertise and product lines cover all engine and compressor needs - from manufacture and supply to component overhaul, re-manufacturing and service. We sell material and equipment relating to industries including gas processing and refining, pulp and paper, mining, marine, and electrical generation.

Chinook is a Canadian company. Our 45,000 sq. ft. sales, manufacturing and warehouse facility is in Calgary, Alberta. Chinook offers a diversified range of products and services with attention to excellence and quality that is unmatched in the industry.

At Chinook, we are not satisfied to simply sell a product. Our philosophy is basic - we strive to sell the finest products available for any given application, always standing by our quality, workmanship and integrity. These values guide each and every member of the Chinook team.

In offering more choices and more solutions, we go above and beyond.

Our Attributes

Quality is the foundation of our work. Whether it is the products we manufacture and supply, or the services we provide, Chinook has built a reputation on quality combined with fair prices.

Reviewing choices and creating solutions for one industry, leads to advancement in others. With creativity and innovation, we continue to be a leader in the ever-changing markets we serve.

We solve problems for our customers. Technical support and on-site visits lead to specification of products to be manufactured or supplied. Full back-up support includes on-going service and technical consultation, project evaluation and job planning, supervisory services and educational programs. Our customers can reach us any time, and we offer pick-up and delivery services.

We strive to provide the best overall value to our customers. Chinook offers products and services at fair and competitive prices. Our prices reflect the attributes for which we stand - quality, support and value.

Chinook Industrial Ltd
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