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With over 45 years experience in designing and tailoring Compressor Valves, to work in the most onerous of conditions, Chinook Industrial is at the forefront for all of the industries Compressor Valve demands. Our serialization process, allows a detailed history for all Valves, supporting our ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Whether it’s with our own radiused ring style Compressor Valves or the manufacturer’s OEM style of Compressor Valve, Chinook Industrial’s engineering experience leaves the competition behind, particularly in problematic applications. 

Compressor Valves
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The Issues

Asphaltines, Sand, Dirty Gas, - causes of common problems introduced to compressor valves in natural gas plants, resulting in limited service life, high parts usage and costs. Improperly tailored components, lack of availability of replacement parts, plant downtime due to unscheduled maintenance requirements, all add to extra expenditures. These factors negatively impact a company's bottom line, due to decreased cost effectiveness and competitiveness.

The Solutions

Our experienced Engineers are masters at overcoming any problems you might encounter with your compressor valves. Sometimes, simply tailoring your OEM compressor valves to suit the changing conditions seen in many Fields is all it takes to get you back on track. For more demanding applications, where the contaminates in your gas cause repeated failures, our unique Radius Ring Style valve, can take all the abuse this foreign matter can cause. Our customers have reported increased gas flow, reduced maintenance costs and parts usage, and significant cost savings on replacement parts, after Chinook Industrial has confronted their problematic conditions.

A History of Success

With over 45 years experience in manufacturing, designing and reconditioning compressor valves, Chinook Industrial has seen it all and is readily available to help you. Chinook compressor valves have a long and successful history of usage in Canada and are recognized as the Industry Standard for use in the most demanding of applications. Their engineered fine tuning allows for improved aerodynamic flow giving increased efficiency and throughput. Reduced maintenance is a direct result of this unique design.

Quality and Service

Our serialization process, allows a detailed history for all Compressor Valves, supporting our ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Our quality process, large inventory of parts and our free pick-up and delivery on full sets of compressor valves, put Chinook Industrial way ahead of the competition.

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