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Machinist - Journeyman or Apprentice


Journeyman or Apprentice Machinist required: 


Working out of our Calgary Manufacturing facility under the direction of the Machine Shop Supervisor,  Machinists are responsible for specialty repair and manufacturing of our product line including: Compressor Valves and parts, Engine Valves, Head Reconditioning, Cast-Weld Repairs, Lube Systems, as well as other general machining and specialty repairs.


Our Machine Shop and Repair Facility concentrates on specialty repair and manufacturing of products related to the Natural Gas Transmission and Gas Gathering Market. Our current areas of focus are Compressor Valves and parts, Engine Valves, Head Reconditioning and Cast-Weld Repairs. Our CNC Capacity has allowed us to develop a significant contract machining market in support of several local research and development companies.


We’ve been in business for over 45 years. Our success has been built by emphasising personal relationships with customers. Our people have the technical and engineering expertise to help solve performance problems. We use our skills as problem solvers to provide simple solutions for customers using quality products from stock or manufactured to meet just-in-time requirements.


Chinook products are professionally engineered and manufactured in Canada to meet the rigorous standards of our Quality assurance program, ISO 9001:2008. We are also certified as a Partner in Health & Safety by Alberta Labour, Occupational Health & Safety Division.


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