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Last Updated: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 12:16:07 PM
Bow Project

With Calgary’s highest building now open, few people probably remember the early days when work first commenced. However, Chinook Industrial remembers those days fondly, as it was at that point, that our company became involved in the construction of this newest addition to Calgary’s skyline.

Initially, we were contacted to simply supervise the pouring of an epoxy grout at the base and top of the main columns. However, when reviewing the specifications we noticed that the specified product was unable to meet the required standards and thus, Chockfast Red SG was introduced as the product of choice for this application.

As a result, all of the columns were sealed top and bottom by Chinook Industrial’s Field Service people, using the ITW Epoxy Grout.

These included:

-       288 Mud Slab Embedded Base Plates

-       82 Column Base Plate Bottoms, outside Raft Slab and on Raft Slab

-       51 Column Tops on Raft Slab elevated pours, from above grade to below grade


The accompanying photo takes you back to those few first few months when, despite the adverse Calgary winter conditions for pouring Epoxy Grout - where applications must be kept dry and at a temperature of 20C - our Field Service teams successfully installed ITW’s premium Chockfast Red SG, not only at the base of the columns but also 60 feet in the air, to seal the top end. Quite an achievement - considering the melting snow and sub zero temperatures experienced over the six months of spring and winter weather that our involvement in this project covered.

Along with the problems brought on by the weather, we had several challenges with the top end pours, due to the height above ground level and access to the pour area. We also had only 3/8”-1/2” gap through which to get the product to flow. However, with some innovative thinking and open discussion with the engineering company, we were able to overcome any hurdles that came up. It’s this sort of experience and problem solving ability, coupled with our Premium Epoxy Grout products, that puts Chinook Industrial ahead of the competition.


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