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Last Updated: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 12:15:05 PM
Slope Protection

Chinook Industrial Ltd. continues to bring the future to you, with the introduction of Concrete Canvas.

For Ditch Lining, Erosion Control, Slope Protection, Pipe Protection, Retaining Walls, Tunnel Lining and many more applications:

Ø  CC is available in man portable rolls for applications with limited access or where heavy plant equipment is not available. There is no need for mixing or measuring, the concrete is premixed and cannot be over hydrated. It will set underwater and in sea water.

Ø  CC has good drape characteristics allowing it to take up the shape of complex surfaces including those with a double curvature. Unset Canvas can be cut or tailored using basic hand tools.

Ø  Once hydrated, CC remains workable for 2 hours and hardens to 80% strength within 24 hours. Accelerated or retarded formulations can be produced to meet specific customer requirements.

Ø  The fiber reinforcement prevents cracking, absorbs energy from impacts and provides a stable failure mode.

Ø  CC is chemically resistant, has good weathering performance and will not degrade in UV. CC has an expected life of over 50 years.

Ø  The PVC backing on one surface ensures that the material is completely water proof and chemically resistant.

Ø  CC is fire-safe, does not contribute to the surface spread of flames, has a low level of smoke development and minimal hazardous gas emissions.


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